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JEMCOM offers you and your business the complete CCTV Bespoke Package from initial concept, system design, installation, commissioning and ongoing maintenance.

IP & TVi 8 MegaPixel Technology with Smart Phone Monitoring


Thermal Temperature Body & Fever Screening Solutions


Systems available for Commercial and Home security


Out of hours monitoring 24/7

Monitoring camera from phone via secure website


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Remote monitoring systems from ONLY


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Install prices start from


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Body Temperature

Solution from just


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installed system

Fever screening solution (COVID-19)


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Fly Tipping

solutions from


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Protect your business from COVID-19 with the JEMCOM Fever Detection CCTV system



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Key features include:


  • Has the capability to scan the body temperature of multiple people


  • Free from false positives produced by warm coats and hot drinks


  • Integrated facial recognition identifies individuals and logs temperature


  • Activates Access Control and other security measures to prevent entry


  • Smartphone integration provides activation alerts on mobiles


  • GDPR permissible for COVID-19 infection control


  • Fulfils Risk Assessment requirements under new government guidance


  • Protects your business and its employees from further spread of infection

The Fever Detection camera is installed at entry points and monitors the body temperature of everyone passing through.


Should a high temperature be detected, the solution immediately alerts the relevant personnel so that appropriate action can be taken. This high-quality solution can plug into your existing CCTV and integrated security infrastructure.

Protect your organisation

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JEMCOM is one of the UK's longest established suppliers of CCTV technology. We have supported customers for over 20 years at the forefront of the continually evolving camera and remote monitoring arena.


By choosing JEMCOM, you will benefit from our innovative approach to design, exceptional products – which consistently exceed technical specifications – and a comprehensive understanding of the industry.


Recent developments in Thermal Body Temperature scanning requirements have prompted our team to begin exploring a unique range of solutions for our rapidly evolving business landscape.


Trust us to look after all of your CCTV needs with our unique range of products. You will receive prompt support and on-time delivery every time.





JEMCOM was founded in 2009 by John Robinson, one of the UK's most dedicated CCTV engineers.


As a result, JEMCOM quickly built a reputation and carved a niche for producing high end and cost-effective solutions.


JEMCOM has grown to become one of the most established suppliers of CCTV equipment in the UK.




The latest CCTV Systems are now in, with TVi technology, the quality and clarity of picture will astound you, not only on the system monitor but also ON YOUR MOBILE.


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“I cannot rate JEMCOM CCTV highly enough - they always go that extra mile”.


Terry, Simmonds Place

“I have such great piece of mind now.  The service and quality is fantastic”.


Gary Evans, Marina Manager

“I just wanted to thank you personally for your tremendous efforts on behalf of the school.

The new CCTV system is really excellent and has already come in useful. You have been so generous with both your time and equipment & your commitment to the school & the children is very much appreciated by  us all”


Fiona Adams, Head Teacher,

Charles Kingsleys School


NSI Gold Video Receiving Centre BS5797 Category II Approval

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