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Protect your home or business from criminal damage and deter intruders with our cost-effective Remote Monitoring Solution


Remotely monitoring enables you to view footage live, as it happens. This means immediate action can be taken. The Video Receiving Centre is here to assure the safety and security of our customers and their properties


CCTV monitoring typically operates on alarm activation, meaning our operators will – on being notified – connect into your sites' CCTV system to explore and identify the cause.



Why choose Remote Monitoring?


Pro-actively deter crime


The main benefit of remote CCTV monitoring is the ability to be proactive in deterring crime rather than reacting after the fact. Responding quickly when criminals enter your premises to commit theft or damage can reduce overall losses. It can protect even the most remote locations, including depots and factories.




The Video Receiving Centre operators can save you time and money, by keeping your property safe 24/7. Remote CCTV monitoring is much more cost-effective than introducing security guards or mobile patrols, where you have to consider salary, sick time, holiday pay and any benefits. Besides, guards and patrols are not available every day of the year. The risk of human error with remote CCTV monitoring is minimal, where operators can see the entire property using multiple cameras; you are far less susceptible to theft.


Support the Emergency Services


It is thought CCTV cameras alone are sufficient enough to keep your belongings and the property safe. But without adequate monitoring, they can be manipulated on-site. Remote monitoring can get the best image possible of any intruder on the property, which will help the emergency services in making enquires and building a criminal case.

How it works


The remote CCTV monitoring system will connect to our state of the art, fully accredited NSI Gold, BS 5797 Category II Remote Video Response Centre. The on-site CCTV system connects to Video Receiving Centre’s servers via the Internet (IP or on 3G/4G). The SIA licenced operators will then be able to view images from your cameras and respond to any alarm received. When an intruder is detected, an alert is sent to the response centre to verify the cause. VRC will evaluate the situation and refer to the response instructions as agreed with our customers before taking action. A typical response may include an audio warning to an intruder, notifying your keyholder or the emergency services.


The connection between your CCTV system and our monitoring station can be armed 24/7, set on a schedule or manually armed on-site at the end of the working day; we tailor solutions to every customers’ individual needs. Video Receiving Centre operators can remotely control the cameras, using pan, tilt and zoom functions, switch the feed to different cameras or review past footage.


All images are recorded and stored safely and securely; integrity is one of Video Receiving Centre’s core values.




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