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Spread the cost of your install and fix your payments


Enhance your cash flow


Protect your capital for other projects


In many cases your payments can be financed by extra revenue received, or savings made, by having the new equipment


Upgrade as and when your business needs change

Leasing can free up your budget and provide greater tax efficiency


Choosing to lease your CCTV security equipment can benefit your business in the following ways:


Conserve your cash flow


Budget constraints can limit the full system requirement being affordable, whereas a smaller rental charge can overcome this.


Fixed charges


You can be confident the rental is not going to change for the life of the lease agreement. The entire system solution including the installation is leased. Should system requirements change during a lease term the equipment can be upgraded to meet the new demands.

Please contact us to discuss your CCTV Equipment Leasing requirements



Greater tax efficiency versus full purchase


A finance lease provides 100% offset against tax due on the profits of the system user's business


The tax gain under a lease agreement can be far more beneficial to a profit making organisation than any other method of acquiring goods. When equipment is leased, the rental charge is fully offset against the system users' business profits, reducing their level of tax.


When equipment is purchased outright, the capital expenditure (after AIA*) is written down over a number of years providing much slower tax offset. For example, a 3 year lease term can save more in tax offset than the finance charge itself!


Local Authority clients


Leasing remains popular for these and other non-profit making organisations due to our fixed rental charge with whole system solutions achieved on a restricted budget. Payments can even be adjusted to suit budget flow.


*Annual Investment Allowance









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